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Kelley Pursell

Kelley Pursell is a certified school psychologist who has had the privilege of working in a variety of settings including public schools, private practice, and hospitals/clinics in California, North Carolina, and Louisiana. She has experience with psychoeducational assessments for students ranging from preschool to college. Kelley’s particular areas of interest include preschool assessment, educational consultation, working in interdisciplinary and community-based teams, and working with adolescents in non-traditional school settings.


Phone: 504-451-8310

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Cate McMillan

Cate McMillan is an educational diagnostician as well as a certified special education teacher. She taught in a variety of settings for 7 years, in New Orleans, Austin and North Carolina. She has experience in both pupil appraisal as well as special education coordination and compliance.


Phone: 615-944-9412

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